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KillJoy - Members Application

Age: 21

Steam Name(Current): KillJoy

Time played on servers?: 58 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: My buddy WhyTryDadddy Introduced me to it after I realized moat was garb

Have you ever been banned and why?: nope

Why do you want to join?: I'm a fan of seeing the same players on everyday and the dailies/pass system is fun. I also enjoy the trading/shop system as well.

Referred by: WhyTryGuy

Additional Details: I've been an avid player of TTT for a long time now and always got deeply involved in the communities. There was a ttt server back in the day which only has a facebook group left to show of it. Link Here ----> ( I loved seeing the same people and talking to them everyday which is what I have been trying to make time to do here now. Since I have irl responsibilities, it's hard to gain xp finish passes or be on actively. This is the only server I play on tbh and I don't mind not finishing the passes.

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