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ANGRYM00SE Membership App

Age: 24

Steam Name(Current): ANGRYM00SE

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 51 hours in TTT, 9 hours in lobby

Where did you hear about this server?:   I couldn't tell you the first place I heard about it, but I know that Moz and Cyan Spy
                                                          initially got me to play here.  More recently I started playing here again becasue of
                                                          Divine, Breaded, and Lee.

Have you ever been banned and why?: I've never been banned to my knowledge.

Why do you want to join?: A few people know who I am from NTG, but really I'm pretty much a stranger to everyone else.
                                       Thats cool to me, because this community feels really familiar but completely new at the same
                                       time. I don't see myself trying to play on any other servers, so it makes sense to try and become a

Referred by: Nobody in particular

Additional Details: Having the member tag would really just be cool more than anything, but its not like it'd be the end of the
                          world. Whether or not I'm accepted as a member, I'll keep playing here and keep doing little art giveaways
                          here and there. I think in the end no matter what happens, i'll still consider myself a part of this community.

+1 cool cutie boy from NTG

+1 Great guy, called me cute.

+1 Pretty cool dude, is overall friendly, Fun to play with and get wrecked by in gunfights.

Azuredge man go brrrrrr +1

Drew the Wacky Universe perfectly, +1

pretty chill guy who i stole 200k from :p 1+

Sorry, don't know who you are yet.

Got to play more with you to see

so for now, no rating.

+1 Old ntg guy who would be a good member of the community.

this man is one of the coolest people to come out of NTG, and he should be absolutely made member right this minute


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