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PrimitiveDoink - Membership Application

Age: 18

Steam Name(Current): PrimitiveDoink

Time played on servers?(!time username to check):
TTT- 152
Lobby- 48
Event- 3

Where did you hear about this server?: I played back in the day ~2 years ago and I decided to come back due to fond memories

Have you ever been banned and why?: No

Why do you want to join?: I genuinely enjoy playing on this server. There is always at least one thing or person that makes me laugh when I'm playing.

Referred by: Xenon

Additional Details: To anyone who might remember me from when I used to play my name was Cheesenipps.  I appreciate you taking time out of your day to look at this brain dead vegetable's member app


+1 really chill dude, fun to play games with and overall good vibes. Would love to see him apart of the members club

+1 plays a lot, doesn't cause problems

let me tell you if this man has a story you will hear it +1

+1 cool dude, would make a good member

+1 he's around quite a bit and isn't super toxic

manzY maNzy manzy Manzy. manzy mAnzy MANZY. +1

Funny man, cool guy, doesn’t start shit. +1

+1 big man on campus

+1 Insert "funniest shit i've ever seen" here.

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