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Limeinade - Membership Application

Age: 18

Steam Name(Current): Limeinade

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 73 hours on lobby, 171 hours on TTT

Where did you hear about this server?: In Pluto.gg

Have you ever been banned and why?: No

Why do you want to join?: I have been playing it since Mid March and it's pretty fun. I was also told I could apply for member, and have been enjoying myself on the frg and thought I should apply now. Smile

Referred by: Mousey (he booly meh), Nacrova

Additional Details:
Nacrova cring.

+1 Chill guy and a fellow Canadian

+1 dude plays, kinda retarded but nice dude

ye hes fun to play with +1 Smile

+1 is active currently. isnt toxic, just as divine said retarded

+1 never had issues with the guy

+1 have never had any issues with and see on a lot

+1 awkward but he's fine and can handle member+

Lime is an alright guy and i don't feel like he'll cause too much trouble...usually. +1

(04-26-2021, 01:28 AM)Phrot, Seeker of Roboculus Wrote:  +1 awkward but he's fine and can handle member+

Also comon phrot what the heck man this is a member app you goon.

+1. Legit surprised he isn't member already.

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