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Jerk B's second membership

Should jerkbutt have to put more into his app then just the minimum required? Naw i dont think so. I think jerk has been a thorn in the side of FRG for a very long time now. So long in fact that we have grown obsessively attached to him. That thorn is a part of us and at first we might have gotten annoyed or wanted it gone but now its there and we couldnt see life going on without. I like jerkbutt wish he played more TTT activly or at least i was on when he was playing. A person ive known for a while and a person i know would love to again be member on FRG. I hope you get it jerk and i really hope you keep it and dont mess up again.

Hes cool +1

He hasn't done anything bad in recent memory and honestly has been super helpful +1


Disgust Even

+1 yeah ok I like him (he's been helpful!!!)


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