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Lost Heroegg Mini-Uzi due to Inventory Bug (BUMP)

I made this report right as I lost the item. When I was talking about it previously after I mentioned I waited ~6 months to get my item back, I was told I waited too long, though they didn't know initially I made it then, not months afterwards. I know that Brass is working his ass off on trib and other things, but if he's able to refund items for people in current times within a far shorter time-frame (i.e. returning Phrot's Holo Zeus ~10-12 days, Stori getting golden lucky egg back within a day), I'm not so sure as to why I can't get my muzi back, but of course Brass won't have copious amounts of time to refund items so I'm just assuming he forgot as a result of working on events like trib and polishing up FRG code and whatnot, but I'd still like to try and get it back, or something along those lines.

Original Post:

Most recent picture of Mini-Uzi:

That poor Mini Uzi is cold and afraid Sad

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