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Revenge RDM & leave by DaBaby

Firstly, I apologize for the second slaying. The (!aslay d!mens!on 0) command returned that you had immunity. (Not sure what that was about) I was ATTEMPTING to slay Jerome for his RDM, but he had already left and the RDM manager wouldn't let me specify my reasoning. So I clicked on default reason and it auto'd to you for a reason that is beyond me. Or it was entirely my fault and clicked the wrong tab. If that is the case I'm very sorry. I had every intention of slaying Jerome.
Secondly, You did RDM Jerome and received the punishment. A couple of rounds after you claimed he RDM'd you back. I don't know if it was revenge RDM or what. And Jerome did join the lobby after the whole situation but returned shortly after.

I don't believe Jerome was trying to avoid punishment because of his quick reappearance. Jerome just needs to be properly slain. The toxicity levels were very high during the altercation which wasn't pleasant.
That is my take on the situation.

EDIT: Jerome was slain for the RDM

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