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LMANKIZZLE Membership App

Age: 15 (Bday 6/14)

Steam Name(Current): LMANKIZZLE

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 123 Hours 35 Mins.

Where did you hear about this server?: Ive Played the Server back in 2017 but my ass computer made of plywood would shitout not letting me play, then in 2020 I had gotten better pc then a friend by the name of Ragnar (Raggar) showed me the server in which Im back on playing it and Im stuck on it.

Have you ever been banned and why?: No

Why do you want to join?: Fun Community, Good Gameplay (Im stuck playing it and I might need help but whatevs shits addicting)

Referred by: Nobody

Additional Details: Dominator licks Greggs Feet and bunny shoes

Lman is Cool, +1 Smile

-1 he is toxic, annoying, and called me fat. (For real though he is always a part of voice chat so he could talk with people and enjoy ttt/events or even just to talk in lobby +1)

very cool guy and is easy to get along and is overall a great person to hang around +1

+1 seen him around, no complaints

+1 pretty chill dude.

+1 is funny

+1 no complaints, active and chill

+1 I haven't seen him cause a single issue on the server and overall he seems well liked.

good player +1

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