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Brad (harrassment)

Steam Name of Offending Player(s): Brad

Steam ID of Offending Player(s): STEAM_0:1:603011407

Map the event happened on: starfish island and another one, though i don't think that's relevant

Date of event: 11/22/21 for the first one, other two 11/20/21

What Happened?: Transphobia, harassment, slurs:
I don't know the context for the first one, but the second & third happened after I ignored him after he added me. He immediately became extremely toxic towards me afterwards.
The first picture is not directed towards me but the other two are.
Witnesses: arzyneko (first), logimus (first), danderp (second & third), alkaline (second & third)


Could I really be surprised about this lmao

-1 overall a dickhead (also afk farms a lot(brad))
Currently dealing with IRL shit. If you need me, message me (twentysix#8915)

Never forget


brad is already banned from the discord for being a massive troll.
regardless of the fact that he's almost certainly an alt account someone made to specifically troll, it's ridiculous that he's been allowed to continue this way for so long.

he said the linked message while gfk was online, and i sent it to nytemart because i was sure nothing would happen from gfk directly, although i'd bet nothing did happen regardless.

see you in 19013243104 years, brad
good riddance

Brad has been banned. RESOLVED

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