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Inventory Tweaks

The ability to sort by type
could look something like
Sort by type>rarity Asc/Dec
name Asc/Dec
so it would sort by type, then those types would be sorted by rarity/name in asc/des order while still being sorted by type
types could include but not limited to, primary/secondary/melee/weapon base/crafting material/storage/ect

Filterd Pickup: to be able to choose what goes into bags/badges without having to worry about auto pickup grabbing other stuff if slots are available could be set up like the crafting settings tab

maybe something under the weapon that says what it's weapon base is or what it counts as for scroll challenges, since being a newer player who's gotten pretty lucky on his drops, im not sure what things count for what

feel free to comment anything else inventory wise and ill try to add it at some point with your name as the orginal contributor to that section

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