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Unreal Oz Application

Age*: 16 (17 in 2 months)
Where did you hear about this server?*: Uhm, i looked at what server a few of my friends were playing on and saw it was this one, then asked them about it, and now im here Tongue
Why do you want to be a Private Beta Tester?*:Well, i would love to become one for the reason everyone els dose, i love the things Brass brings to the TTT table, and id love to help out in any way that i can.
Are you a member of Next Tier Gaming?*: Yes, i am.
Any other info:Other then the fact that i really like everything brass implements so why not help him if i can, i would also love to put in some of my own time and effort i see Brass working hard AF, for long long LONG amounts of time to bring us these new and improved things and id love to try to give back some of my own time. While also having a good time with some really awesome guys as well Smile

Bump i guess to get people to notice Smile


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