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Timothy™ Beta app.

Age: 14

Steam Name(Current): Timothy™

Time played on servers?: Can't remember of the top of my head, Sorry. :/

Where did you hear about this server?: No one. I was browsing one day and found it. Big Grin

Have you ever been banned and why?: Yes actually, Banned for duping. It was right after the Easter Event...
 Yeaaaaaa, sorry about that Brassx! X3

Why do you want to join?: I like the inventory system, and (Most) the people.
Notes: I would like to state somethings...

 Yes I did dupe, But only because I was dirt poor, (Yes, I understand that's not a valid excuse.) but, I wish

to improve the server(s) in that same way so, that if I find a bug/issue we can clean it up, and shape

the Server(s) in a positive way! Lastly, I'd like to state one thing else, if I do get excepted in

(hopefully) I hope we could clean up staff/players, I'm not going to be calling anyone out or anything

of the sort but, If people have a disagreement may we please just leave at a disagreement, if the

disagreement bothers you enough, please don't just start to lash out on the player/staff, make a complaint.

That is all, thanks for reading and have a nice day! :3               -Timothy™

So...you duped guns in NTG, and you think you can be trusted....-1

(11-16-2014, 02:28 PM)TobiasX Wrote:  So...you duped guns in NTG, and you think you can be trusted....-1
You mean i found a bug? And now I want to help this new sever that I believe will be better and more mature? You know there is a reason they ask if you been banned, right? All because someone makes a mistake doesn't mean they should be rejected for it completely, I wish to right my wrongs. But I do understand your worry.
Thank you for posting! Big Grin

+1 Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves again. I vote yes to giving him a second chance.

Uhm, this is a note to you - you're using the wrong format.
And duping just pulls you to hell, mate - you should have never done it. Dupers & Exploiters don't get a second chance, alas.


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