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Temp leave, Still around but just need time

I know, i haven't been Active lately..And ive a few reasons why.. Sadly these reasons are part of a pain in the ass called Life, and its DLC Life is an asshole.

Theres gonna be some medical terms in this, i will try to explain them.

Otherwise TLDR, Lots of work, lots of emotional stress, and medical issues with the wife forces me to divert my time to well..life. What games i do play, arent enjoyable to me atm, and purely just blowing something up to take some kind of stress out, something I DO NOT WANT TO DO TO THE COMMUNITY. I am not leaving, We just need time to recover.

#1 Work schedule is hell, im working almost all the time, and ontop of that things keep changing, so im pretty tied up with that.

#2 Medical Issues with the wife.
Alot of you might not understand this, and i might even put a spoiler box in here do to the fact, its about "the lady parts" but ill summarize it here instead. Basically, shes had issues that cause her extreme pain, and weve since been to the doctor and been told the reasons why, and how to fix it, but in a devastating blow to her and myselves..Kids are no longer an option for us.

Spoilers below contain the medical info, for those that wanna know.

I know, i got mem+ not long ago and sadly i went inactive with all this going on after getting it, I don't feel great about that, but know this is not me leaving forever, Just, We need time to heal, time to think, and time to recover. And sadly, this is life, and welcome to adult.. But it comes first.

This community is great, and im glad im part of it, sorry for ranting like this, but, ill try to see you guys all again soon.
Vanished from life

Life always has to come first, I wish the best for you and your wife, keep us updated maybe if possible?

As for kids, of course adoptions always an option - it's nice to give kids a good life who otherwise may not.

- That Thrakos Noob

Holy fucking shit, that is so fucked, I am so sorry. Take all the time you need pal, we love ya here.

Sorry to hear that man D: I hope all goes well in that emotional process for you and your wife. Stay strong!

Man I still remember when you first joined. You were an absolute joy to have around and you've always had my back even though we didnt talk much. Stay safe man and I hope it all gets worked out for you. I'm routing for you guys.

I hope everything gets better soon fast, you'll be in my prayers.

I wish your wife a fast and painless recovery. Take all the time you need Fox.

I don't even know you fox, but just reading this... Jesus!!! Don't worry about it man, take all the time you need, hope that your wife gets better tho

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