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Manager Positions/Application(s)

Currently we only have one lower-management position, but this could change in the future.

Current management position:
Community Manager

This position will require you to perform a number of responsibilities and reach certain application quotas (unless permitted by me).

  • Go through Membership Applications every week and accept/deny ones at your own discretion. Obviously I can overrule any decision you make if I see otherwise, but mostly you will have free reign here.
  • Go through +Member applications once every 2 weeks. Same as above here, but you should keep in mind several obvious key factors when deciding on these. Such as:
    • Community feedback
    • Date of Application (no one-day approvals please).
    • Playtime. Such as the difference in their hours from the date of their application, to present.
    • Previous applications/incidents.
  • Help clarify controversial rules. In the position you are more-or-less a "Head Admin". You will have a lot of authority to help clarify a rule, however it may be advisable to ask me if you're not 100% certain. If I have to question too many of your clarifications, your position will be called into question.
  • At least 2 hours playtime every week(if applicable, some exceptions may apply). This is a rather low requirement, but I'd like the manager to be at least somewhat active. Them possibly knowing more about the players and current in-game state than me will also help me out a lot with things.
  • Non controversial ban appeals. You're free to handle almost all ban appeals, however, there are some exceptions:
    • You are not to unban/deny anyone that I have directly or indirectly banned (such as through my anti-cheat) without talking to me first.
    • You are required to ask me before unbanning any perma-banned players, but are free to deny their appeal, other than with those stated above.

Failure to keep up with the quotas and requirements consistently will result in a discussion about your position, and likely a demotion.

Here's the application and requirements for applying for this position:
  • Must be an Administrator, and have had your rank for at least 3 months, without any major complaints.

Application format
* See additional notes
Why should you get the position*:
Do you understand the responsibilities and agree to keep up with the required quotas:
Other Notes:

*What you write here will play a role in your selection, so be sure to write something pretty well thought out and not generic. Not too long, not too short.

If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.

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