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Unpoke's Manager Application

Age: 18

Why should you get the position*: I can absolutely meet all the given requirements. I've shown in the past that I can deal with difficult or controversial decisions and I have a very solid understanding of what the rules should be and what's fair. My main goal as manager would be to create crystal clear rules as to avoid "this admin said this" or "someone else said that". I would also like to make sure Member apps and +Member apps don't go months without at least a response. As time goes on, I'll likely steer into whatever more responsibilities are needed on the server (other than deving).

Do you understand the responsibilities and agree to keep up with the required quotas: Yes

Other Notes: I strongly feel that I'm the best candidate for this position as of right now, and I can adjust to the new responsibilities. I have a lot of love for this community and I feel it shows in my approachability and dedication to you guys.
btw im EST so its 10/16/17 here at the time of posting this

- That Thrakos Noob

Approved! I know you'll do great things for the community.

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