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Absolute Trabs Member App

Age: 18

Steam Name(Current): Absolute Trabs (Green Trabs, St. Trabs, Easter Trabs)

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 115 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: friends

Have you ever been banned and why?: yes for item farming. didnt know doing spin2win/opening crates while alive was bannable

Why do you want to join?: only good ttt inv server and the community isnt toxic. friendly server and fun to play on

Referred by: Black Parade

Additional Details: held Operator on NTG #R.I.P

Sorry, but I actually don't recognize you. Have you been going by another name or something?

Also, you can't even spin2win while alive so...I don't understand how you got banned for item farming for doing it.

Trabs is fun to play with, he gets salty at times but it's not the salt of mass rdm, also been playing more frequently.


Trabs is good to play with, no troubles for me from him. +1

+1 he does not show up in reports so I would figure he follows the rules like a member should. He can also be enjoyable.


+1 Trabs is cool and he doesn't break the rules.

Never seen him get into any trouble and seems chill +1

i need to stop doing this

+1 He's a cool guy, doesn't cause problems and overall fun to play with.
Bouncy Rounds

McNuggie PapaRussia's Member Applicant Ranking System

may or may not be a well designed and professionally edited version of the staff applicant ranking system


Disclaimer : "The following is purely from PapaRussia's perspective and does not necessarily represent facts or FRG community thoughts, and is subject to change"

The scoring system is with 5 being the best, and 1 being needs improvement.

1. Does the player frequently play on the server: 4
2. Is the player active on the forums: 2
3. Does the player know the rules: 5
4. Will the player represent the server well as a member: 4
5. The player does not troll: 4
6. The player has/uses his mic: 3
7. Communication skills: 5
8. Respects other players: 5
9. Respects staff: 5
10. Fun to play with: 5
11. Does the player show potential for staff in the future (for reference): 2
12. Is the quality of the players application showing that the player is serious about becoming member: 1

Score: 45/60

Grade: 75% C

Final Notes: Seems Good

He is quiet at times but he does follow the rules and doesn't misstep at all, def suited for member

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