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Dubstepcat's Beta App

Age*:15 Oct,2,1999

Where did you hear about this server?*:Rangerdanger0/Jake

Why do you want to be a Private Beta Tester?*:I always enjoyed Brassx server's and i would love to test out brassx brand new server and
help any way i can.By reporting Bugs/Glitches And i want to show my gratitude for all the amazing hard work brassx did and the staff did
on NTG and i have no doubt the new staff on here will be just as good and maybe better!

Are you a member of Next Tier Gaming?*:No ;-;

Any other info:umm im a cat now hate.. Big Grin...Other then that i love Gmod and i heard a lot of amazing things in this server and i would
love to see it for my self!Oh and if any one was wondering why i wasn't a NTG member was because i stopped playing for a while since
my laptop just died ;-; but I'm back now!

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Ew hes a cat...gross
but still
Love him to death


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