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Vhoxel Closed Beta app

Non-disclosure agreement
Do you agree to not leak ANYTHING you see on this server?
That means, no discussing it in discord, or anywhere outside of that specific server, to anyone not involved. Failure to abide by this is a betrayal of our trust, and will have SEVERE consequences.

Yes. I'd rather not get banned thanks.

Why should we trust you not to leak any of the stuff you see?

Listen here boingo, first of all, you know I wouldn't do stuff that would risk compromising me, sure I would exploit the shit out of the snowglobe but I'd rather not risk my ass getting slammed for opening my mouth too much.

I already know what's poppin' and have never required plumbing. I don't care to spoil anything leaked to me at any given point, even if someone attempts to third party trade for information.

Do you agree to not use anything you see for your own personal gain?
This includes, but is not limited to: trying to manipulate the market by using information you have learned via this beta, or using any knowledge gained here for any kind of gain, for you, or others.

Did you say Terranables are about to be changed to godlikes? BUYING ALL TERRANABLES GUYS 50 COINS EACH!!! (Yes.)


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