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Baggin's application!

Age*: 18
Where did you hear about this server?*: Jake is my friend and he informed me about it.
Why do you want to be a Private Beta Tester?*: I want to help the server grow in as many ways possible and this seems like a way.
Are you a member of Next Tier Gaming?*: Indeed.
Any other info: I'm Baggins. I like Garry's Mod and Counter Strike. When I first bought Garry's Mod I spent 1000 out of my 4500 on TTT and still play it regularly. Most of my money goes into CS:GO items sadly, hence I do a lot of trading. My friends and I play a lot of CS:GO competative as well. My favorite food is potato salad. If you want to know more just ask me questions. Finally I hate tagpro. Bye!

>Hates Tagpro


LOL he hates tagpro because I rek him at it and he gets butthurt. =P

I'll wreck your nan scrub.


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