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Poll: Unban rick?
This poll is closed.
Yes but watch him like a hawk
44 72.13%
No, not yet (if ever)
17 27.87%
Total 61 vote(s) 100%
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THEFINALRICK - Unban Request

Since he has had multiple prior bans, and last time was supposed to be his last chance its a bit weird and contrary to just unban him. But this isnt exactly a christian server so we aint saints. I think maybe unban with perma mute so he can play the game and enjoy with his friends on discord, but he will still have a punishment and since most of his bans were toxicity related anyhows this could help stop that. And if he shows signs of true growth etc, changes can be made to this, but its all too easy to say ive changes but we cant judge him without testing him out first.

***I am a person who likes rick personally and talk to him once in a blue moon***

How about we settle this in a mature way. 1v1 boxing match Granabis VS Rick. If Rick wins Granabis goes bye bye and Rick comes back and if Granabis wins he still gets banned but Ricks stays banned for another month.
I think this is fair and is the ultimate way to settling things. Should Brass still be dissatisfied then I suggest HE steps up and enters the ring.

I will never ever be in the favor of an unban on Final Rick he is one of the worst things to happen to this server. The server will be better off without the likes of him on it and all of the toxicity that he brings.

+1 my iod merc must return, i miss you

The integrity of the poll was compromised by people making alts to vote yes, people who don't even play FRG voting yes, rick's friends outside of FRG voting yes, etc. It all feels wrong, and if a simple poll can't even give honest results, I'm not sure you being here will result in anything positive what so ever. If anyone thought I wasn't going to review every voter, they were sadly mistaken.

I'm going to deny your appeal for the time being and maybe think of a new approach to this. In the end it's my call, so I'll see what I think up.

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