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Prevent Catalysts and Fishing Rods From being in giveaway

Prevent Catalysts and fishing rods from being put in the giveaway. It sucks when we have to wait for these to get rolled out for more worthwhile items to roll.

prevent from global prims also.

I don't personally mind normal Prim Catalysts being in the giveaway (i.e. non-named catas like Mystical, Demonic, Heroic, Suihxe etc) but what I do mind are Prim Trait Catalysts being in the giveaway, especially since they're quite literally useless.

Also Fishing Rods should not be in the giveaway, period. Soulcatcher could possibly be an exception considering it's a Godlike, but regardless: I personally consider putting prim fishing rods in the giveaway incredibly scummy since the only reason why people do it in the first place is for earning rep and since anyone can win the giveaway, a low level might have their hopes let down rapidly once they realise what exactly they've won. Bonus points if it's a fishing rod with almost no durability left in it.

EDIT: Case and point!

I meant Prim trait catalysts in the giveaway to verify ^

prim trait catas are going to be used for sup frags, brass legit said it himself

just because higher levels may not need these items does not mean that people will not be grateful to win them. I at one point did not have a useful fishing rod and now I do. Also all of the items can be turned into keys or deconned, its free loot stop complaining.

Fishing rods Insanely cheap, Super easy to Spam in giveaway for Rep at higher fishing levels, dont need/cant use 5 prim rods etc. Nevertheless hasnt this already been acted upon, and hence been resolved.

Brass already did this.


This has been addressed, closing complaint.

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