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Cobaltgeo: Unban Request.

Not only are you in-game banned, but also discord, forum, and shoutbox banned. Along with being warned multiple times. You made a halfway decent apology, then ruined it at the last end of said apology. At least for me, I can't speak for others. You argued so much, made mountains out of molehills, and showed little signs of stopping.

Yes, it has been a little over a year since your ban and probably show the most potential than the most recent ban appeal. I personally think you've had plenty of constructive criticisms to work on and plenty of chances to improve yourself.

this is my public apology this probably won't cover everyone and everything as I'm a bit forgetful, sorry Sad (Please let me know if I fucked up towards you and I forgot to include you in this list or did something fucked up that I forgot to include in this list)

Tobiasx: I'm sorry for harassing you after that one apology thread I did and all of the toxicity I showed towards you back then
Brassx: Sorry for causing so much drama and toxicity in your community
Jerome: I'm so sorry for the racism I showed that was very disgusting of me and its just so sickening
Bezerker: Sorry for harassing you constantly for your religion that was fucking awful of me and I'm glad I grew out of my edgy atheist phase
Grassx: Sorry for harassing you with alts or something like that sorry I forgot a little I remember it being bad though
Sorry to everyone who I got toxic for when I was doing challenges, Specifically that one time I got angry in that shoutbox
Sorry to everyone who i affected with outbursts of anger
Sorry to everyone who I harassed and insulted their possibly dead relatives
Sorry for when I made weird and disturbing statements
Sorry for that whole sr,pelo??? (Forgot the name) incident that was a fucking mess.
Sorry for constantly leaving FRG and insulting FRG in the process by calling it boring and what not
Sorry for being annoying and hyper when I should've chilled
Sorry for attempting to cause drama between FRG and NTG
And Sorry to anything else I missed

I'm sorry for all of the stupid shit I did

Cobalt has changed a lot from what I can tell, why don't we give "her" one last chance, I mean we gave ~~~~ a other chance. +1 on unban
SG Fucking Overlord

-1 Your suicide attempts have had nothing to do with the server and I feel like they were honestly mentioned as attention grabs, I haven't played very often lately but from the past I have seen many posts asking to be unbanned and given another chance after they've been given plenty. I do not believe that you should come back, and it is not like you need this server in your life either.

I mean remember like 5 ban appeals one where you said it was your Blood Brother on this account and something happened to you so you need to get unbanned?? (That was a long time ago.. look it up) You were very young and now have grow older and wiser(I hope)... Why not one FINAL chance
Minehuis: Pancakes
Rangerdanger0: Waffles
Rangerdanger0: lol rekt

I'm gonna leave this at denied. I'm glad you've made progress in life and have made efforts to restructure yourself and your life, I just don't think unbanning you here would be wise for your own sake as well as the servers.

- That Thrakos Noob

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