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Unban Request (Mystery)

Steam Name (Current): Mystery

Steam Name (During incident): Mystery

Steam ID: 76561198078970590

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078970590/

Name of staff you were banned by: Moz

Length of the ban: 7 days

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: Renamed or Repealed, possibly shortened and more thoroughly explained (In 'Additional Details')

Reason for ban: 'Mass Rdm'

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?: Well I wasn't informed about my ban and no staff would tell me until Eclipse messaged me about it, the first was accidental, the second was mostly intentional but not intended for that player (not justifying), the last 2 were entirely intentional.

What really happened?: as I explained above, I propkilled someone accidentally the first time, second time it was mostly accidental, the other two propkills were entirely intentional.

Additional details: I'd like to have my ban renamed to 'Mass Propkill' - 7 Days or 'Consistent RDM' - 7 Days, As I did not mass rdm.
(Not justifying my ban by this post, I would rather take a shot at being unbanned so I have something to do than do nothing for a entire week)

Mass rdm does not mean it all happened at once it’s multiple rdms either over time or at once. With that said the only thing I have left to say is we do not need players to all complain about your actions via rdm report tool when we see an issue happening. Even if the people you rdm are cool with it other players are losing out on having fun, getting kills they need to progress challenges, weapons and the events happening on the server, it’s selfish to think you “having fun” doesn’t have a negative effect on everyone else’s gameplay. Take the time to learn from this and hopefully we can move forward smoothly without further incidents.

This isnt about the ban, but awesome thats pretty bruh logic about others losing out on kills/fun. You are aware people being alive doesn't guarantee their death by the traitors. Besides that it's quite a stretch to imply that consensual (as you implied with "Even if the people you rdm are cool with it") rdm, is punitive to the other players. Most times it makes it easier for the Traitors to win. (sometimes a good breather when ttt is being super sweaty is to mess around a bit with friends)

(on topic tho, dont mass propkill like a sped and you wont end up banned righteously for mass rdm.
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Firstly I would love to know what you mean by bruh logic mate. I didn’t ask for a response that insults me. By rdming you are taking away possible kills from those trying to achieve them for all the reasons I listed prior which is the point to the game to have fun and progress. Someone taking kills that generally they shouldn’t be making takes away from the potential others have to get those kills for challenges, gun progress xp and so on. Hence why rdming and breaking rules doesn’t require a server report for action to be taken. Also when I have to take time out of the game for stupid shit like this it does ruin the fun of being here to play a game.

No offense Awesome but many if not all of us understand that rdm bad, and it wouldn't be healthy if everyone was DMing around. But this is a game and intent plays a huge role whereas many of us have glitched, RDM'd, played around with some bugs, etc to a point where many of us can relate hence feeling that Mystery should not have been banned. I understand that staff shouldn't and do not make a indepth post on every ban but with such an active member of the community being banned it has many of us feeling like he has been unfairly banned expecially due to him explaining his position to us and letting us understand him on discord with no definitive and complete answer from Moz or anyone directly connected past some problems he's had outside this incident which didn't exactly have the most definitive backing or didn't seem all that relevant.

I apologise if this seems like adding fuel to the fire, but I feel this is a somewhat important issue for this community atleast for this moment as is seen by the amount of discourse on the discord.

This ban was made over not one incident but many over the course of weeks. This was a decision also made by many staff members not just Moz and was first brought up by Brass himself to us staff members as a problem with the many videos he posted rdming as a det. Everyone may have rdmd, but we take punishment, we dont mess around for weeks causing issues with no consequences. Also anything like messing with bugs or whatever you want to say to justify a reason for breaking rules would only be justified with blessing from brass and perhaps higher staff to test something. He made his mistakes and now he is living with the consequences. Hopefully its a learning experience.

I shouldn't try to argue this but I will defend myself as I see you haven't paid much attention to my clips, 2 of my clips were purely straight up rdm that resulted in the round being SLIGHTLY different, The scenario with Meyer as he was the first to die resulted in a Traitor receiving 1 less kill, I do not often do this 'car rdm' unless I know it won't affect much in the current round besides on a rare occasion that it does affect the round.

This might sound kind of toxic but I aim to kill the T with evidence with the car, As I did a few times actually and I will kill off association.
I just wanna play christmas day tbh.

2 things
1. what in the hell does that poll have to do with anything
2. dw, ill get the discovery for you Smile

So the whole purpose of this thread was to have your ban reasoning changed? I don't follow. Why on Earth would we waste our time in this bullshit bickering just to change a few words. I stand behind the ban (and don't tell me I don't know what happened. I'm more informed then you realize.) You are not in charge of your ban or the reasoning. Quit complaining about it please.


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