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Just a reminder - Respect our Staff please.

I personally love the staff and love their dedication to this community. <3

I agree with Brass, I used to be staff on a differ server, and it eventually went into the void because the staff all quit. (well, that's one of the many reason it ended.) We all need to understand both sides; staff are doing what they think is best, and any request to upturn that are made to keep them in check.

But, I would bet, the majority of the time, staff decisions are made to help the server. Banning is usually done to stop RDM-ing and to stop general shit heads from breaking the server.

Personally, I want to thank all of the staff for taking the time to play and for volunteering to help this server survive. Thanks!

Just be thankful we have a forum to challenge a ban or whatever. Some servers dont have this, and it helps. A TON.

Cheers friends! Hope you all stay healthy!

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