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Moving TTT/Lobby to a new machine.

I'm posting this here for the people who may not look at Announcements in discord.

A few days ago I posted:

Well the server was setup today, and we just finished testing it, and it went great!

Thanks to everyone who helped me test the new hardware.
We saw quite the massive performance increase!

Here's a few clips showing stuff that would normally chug the server:

We also did a 32 player kraken, and it went very smooth. It didn't turn into a slide show, and was very stable, and very playable!

I will be swapping all of the TTT servers, and the lobby server over to the new machine most likely tomorrow!

This means, when I do the swap, there will be a brief downtime. Not long, and the TTT servers, and Lobby server will have a new IP address. You can pre-favorite them now if you'd like, via legacy browser>favorites>add server:
TTT1 -
TTT2 -

Lobby Server -

(This thread is basically for terran and jake)


thank you for thread, otherwise I would have been messaging around panicking

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