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Black Knight Ban Shorten Request

Steam Name (Current): Black Knight

Steam Name (During incident): Black Knight

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:73704134

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Black_Knight_Gamer/

Name of staff you were banned by: Unpoke

Length of the ban: Perma

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: Shortened from perma to give me an enforced break

Reason for ban: "grow up"

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?: Yes?

What really happened?: I posted a dumb meme more times than I should have even after I was told not to by Unpoke.

Additional details: Sorry for picking a fight with you Unpoke Heart

Knight man very cool, unbanned is deserved with much time man puts in server.

for a picture with no nudity, i believe the ban being permanent is simply bullshit. +1

(06-18-2020, 05:41 AM)lil yeet Wrote:  for a picture with no nudity, i believe the ban being permanent is simply bullshit. +1

It aint for the fact the picture was suggestive and we are going to perma anyone that would post it. He was banned for, in all fairness, being a child and kept posting several times knowing full well Unpoke didn't want it posted. He got the sponge dick after posting the image URL a 3rd time.

As for the ban, I think you need a break. You've become super edgy after your admin demotion and seem hellbent to try push the envelope whenever possible.

I hate to be this guy but I agree with Beebee. Obviously permaban is too harsh and it shouldn't be perma. But Black Knight has several times lately pushed the limits for no good reason even though he as an ex admin should know better. It's just edgy and unecessary and it's very disappointing. So yeah a break might be in order but like I just want Black to be more mature and not throw fits like he did in this case (to my knowledge at the very least)

Knight's probably one of my closest friends that I have on the internet, I basically game with him regularly across most games, but I will try to maintain a neutral stance.

To remind everyone on the matter, Brass himself said that the perma sentence in this case isn't so much as "you'll never come back here, idgaf, go away", it's more of an indefinite time. A placeholder, if you will, until we can have a more tangible date.

Knight did push the limit, there's no debating that, the more and more I've thought on the matter, he did push his luck, and he paid the price. He's a great guy and a great friend, but I will agree that perhaps an enforced break is necessary. I haven't personally seen the other edgy instances outside of this incident, but if there are others seeing this, then perhaps there's something I'm missing. We all get kinda mad sometimes at the game and community, and some people just kinda hash it out in servers or discord, this is one of those times. He as an ex-admin should know better, regardless of personal feelings towards other members, maintaining some sense of control on your temper is important. I need to learn that myself sometimes.

+1 for shorten, give him maybe another week or two off, he's a great fucking dude, but he did a goof here that he shouldn't have.

Black knight's a good man who pushes buttons a little too much, but we're all about that sometimes. should be atleast shortened.

Yeah. We're gonna set it to 1 month from the date of your original ban. You need definitely need a break as stated. So a little over 3 weeks from today you'll be unbanned. I'll set the new length once I can.

Again, I want to express that the main issue here is how much you pushed it. Even if you think the image is okay, if someone who has authority thinks it probably shouldn't be posted, you should respect that. Not start an argument, then out of spite post the same pic in-game.

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