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Baby Cry plays globally (i.e for everyone around)

Really irritating as a spectator, and unless this is a bug its a dumb oversight. The sound should play for the player shot/shooting, not for anyone spectating or nearby.

I assume I'll get LOL BABY RAGE XDDD SO MAD LOLOL as a reply from some retard but it is pretty loud and disruptive, especially when you're just, like, spectating or trying to solve reports.

Isn't moan the same way though?

(07-07-2020, 05:20 PM)Senpai Wrote:  Isn't moan the same way though?
Not sure, maybe. I don't see it as often tbh. Maybe when the rage dies down I'll see less babyrage, but people added it TO guns they like, they didn't just shrine roll it/get a reproductive. If moan is that way it should be changed too, at LEAST if you're a spectator. When alive, fine, whatever, play it for everyone in a 200ft radius, but as a spectator its irritating.

tbh it is kinda annoying just to randomly hear a constant mix of moaning and babies crying.......probably makes new players wonder what the fuck is wrong with us.

no i like it a lot Smile

I agree, I'm not a big fan of the moan/baby rage traits

Should be fixed now.

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