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Mousey's Jr. Manager Application


Why should you get the position*: I personally feel that I am starting to out grow what I can do for the server in my current position and I feel that I have a lot of potential to do a lot more for FRG if I were allowed to help Unpoke out as a Jr. Manager. I am still very familiar with handling forum work since that is 90% of what I did as a Senior Admin on MG, and I know most of you know that I can be serious when need be. I really enjoy the community here and just want to do everything I can to give back to you all.

Do you understand the responsibilities and agree to keep up with the required quotas: Yes, I've had experience doing similar work for MG and I am more than willing to learn anything that I may not fully understand how its done here.

Other Notes: I've talked with Brass about this and not much anyone else. I think having more staff members to help Unpoke while not entirely uprooting him or anything would be very good overall for the server. I know he gets sicks of dealing with constant backlash and other bullshit from our community, so I believe having more than one person in a position like his would help ease the stress a lot with there being more than one person to blame for something not going a players way. I also think that its important that I show that I can be more serious a little bit more often then a currently do. I still want to meme around and have fun but I think its important to show people that I do have that switch I can hit if I am going to be given a position as serious for the server as this. Please do not try to take the way I act as disingenuous if see me being more serious more often, I don't want people to think that I'm playing it up because I have this app in and would stop as soon as given the position. I simply care a decent amount about the community and feel I have so much more to give to ya'll if I get a little bit more serious every now and again.

Thank you so much for reading this all. I hope this doesn't sound too rambly because I am super bad at expressing my thoughts sometimes.

thi s is a hostile takeover and I'm all for it

+1 mousey is a cool guy and has always been fair.

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