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Xenon 「GOLDEN」 Member Application

Age: 21

Steam Name(Current): Xenon 「GOLDEN」

Time played on servers?: TTT- 76 hours, Lobby- 28 hours, Events- 5 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: Was checking TTT servers in gmod and this server piqued my interests

Have you ever been banned and why?: No I have not

Why do you want to join?: I've been putting more and more time into this server, some pretty nice people here, met a few friends, the servers are great and I'd like to be an official member of this community

Referred by: No one

Additional Details: I am just overall a nice guy, I get along with everyone and try to be as friendly as I can, Sure I can be a loudmouth and such but its all in good fun and I never try to be a jerk unless someone deserves it. I've played TTT for quite a few years now and it never gets old to me!

+1 Pretty cool guy and doesn't seem to cause any problems.

+1 He's a cool dude, Pure.
We need more furries here.

Don't let the community scare you.

Good guy, really friendly and fits the role!

Good person, haven't had issues with him only good vibes.


Honestly, you guys are really sweet, I appreciate all of the positivity, it makes me really happy!

great comrade who i have had no problems with, pretty chill guy but pretty fun to play with +1

he said fuck you after he killed me because I was using drifter too much Sad

but besides that pretty chill dude that I don't notice being annoying at all +1

He very cool person, Enjoy playing with him and is very polite. +1

friendly and never seen him cause trouble +1

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