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Boss rush Skill tree

So for boss rush I want to have a progression skill tree for players, which you get skill points for by just playing. You can use these skill points to unlock abilities or perks as a player. Such as short dash, wall jump, wall climb, etc. I'd like your help figuring out nodes for the tree below(the tree could be subject to change but I feel like this is a good start):


I have a few basic things for it now, but nothing concrete.

Something like this:

Could make a final node to transform into something movement based like a cheetah for speed or a bird for small flight time, every x amount of time alive you gain 1% damage and speed.

Could also implement a socket into the tree and give every boss a different drop. This would give some reason to farm bosses outside uniques.

Because BR is separate from ttt and pve you could do a node as: x chance to ignore your next 3 reloads.

Permanent aoe buff so you could help others. Pretty much banner/caliburn in 1 but because you took this node maybe you deal less damage.

Theres also positive/negative nodes such as more damage done but more damage taken or more move speed but less reload speed.

Could even have massive melee damage nodes for the really ballsy people.

A couple ideas, Will update if I get more.
Strength in numbers: Being in proximity to other players applies a 1% damage reduction and 1.5% firerate buff to everyone in proximity. (Caps out at 10 players)
Alleviate: Press a key to release a healing wave (similar to orb of Christmas) that heals everyone in the wave for 15HP. (30 sec CD)

Fight: Taking damage from the boss ups your damage by 15% for 5 seconds. (10 sec CD)
Vengeance: Being in proxy to a player death ups damage by 22% for 7 seconds. (10 second CD)

Flight: Taking damage from the boss ups your mobility by 20% for 5 seconds. (15 sec CD)
Self Conservation: Being in proxy to a player death ups mobility by 30 for 7 seconds. (15 Second CD)

So I had the idea where you complete specific tasks to progress in it so here is a mock which I think would be cool as for some ideas
The custom loadout would give you the ability to form as it said preset loadouts which from how I understand the inventory would work by locking items down in slots to form a loadout and if the item is moved then the loadout is obstructed.

My idea for the player skilltree is pretty half assed, most of these should be placed somewhere else and more of the mobility mechanic nodes should be fitted it but these are just some ideas

I really think most of these would have to be tweaked and balanced out but for the most part I want a boss skilltree to exist so here are some random ideas

Just a single node from me which I think should be somewhere towards the end and I thought of a smoke bomb that you could throw at your feet and it would put people into the shadow step realm like assassin t class for x seconds so it would be somewhat of a flee / mobility mechanic to keep people alive. I don't know if people still bunch up in br but I know we did they back when it was first released. Obviously giving a cooldown to the user and if other people who have that skill go with the initial user they get half the cooldown time.
Bouncy Rounds


Maybe add +Reload speed, and a chance to instantly reload.

ok this will be a long reply, so skip if you dont care

basically, I set out to make a skill tree with three distinct playstyles:
-stealthy, strike fear into the boss not knowing where you are
-supporty, healing allies and encouraging large teamplay
-tanky, in the fray of battle trying to get the boss' attention

what i ended up with was mostly that, but i also divided each playstyle into two "subclasses" if you could call them that and gave them very preliminary "major" nodes, mostly lifted from Heroes of the Storm. that's not for any particular reason, I just found they fit and it was on my mind. you can disregard the cooldowns, mana costs, and awkward phrasing in the screenshots i used, but try to understand more or less my intent of the abilities' inclusion.


index of terms:
Unrevealable: cloaked, but able to take damage
Unstoppable: unable to be slowed, stunned, CC'd at all.
Stealthed: hunter cloak
Invisible: totally invisible
Protected: unable to take damage, but can be CC'd
Silence: Boss is unable to use abilities, but can use their weapons
Armor: damage reduction

Linear skill trees are ok, but I think a Borderlands or League of Legends season 3-7 style would be cool. Give some options to choice from, dip into other trees to offset or complement your main tree/section. Also can promote other uses that aint automatic 30 bullets stacked to hell and back shit.

Below is a LoL season 7 masteries, where you would have 30 points and you can max one side and go to 2nd tier milestone of another. Of course stuff can be changed, numbers can change, and this is mainly to give ideas to Brass or others if you want to improve on this. Which aint hard cause this was done on paint and I aint ashamed.

Glazz did help quite a bit and gave me the idea to make sure other weapons, sniper, melee, lmg. Shoehorned some stuff Brass wanted.

Damage side:
I wanted to promote a DoT side for those that have stacked DoTs. I know the damage is instant but I wanted some love for those who that have a lot of DoTs. Sniper support, generic damage stuff, I just put it as if you want more damage go down here.

Utility side:
I think an aura like support would be cool, much like prereworked Sona. Where you get stats for being around someone. But also makes it easier for boss to find the sad group of people clustering around a jackass. Get a portion of the damage dealt as score would be nice and incentivize going support.
Some melee support in this side.
A super greedy end if you are confident of getting past the negatives, I thought that would be cool.

Survivalist side
Most of the melee support in here, cause you're trying to kiss the Boss and you would want to live.
Damage reflect cause seemed fitting for a tanky person to have some thorns. *note you still take full damage, despite reflect being used. Same as Jolly except 100% chance.

I fully know this aint going to be accepted, but again I wanted these ideas out there. Maybe Brass can get an idea or two. By all means improve on this if you want to. I had fun making it with Glazz  Heart .

"Crazy Train"
"You'd have to be insane to use this skill!"

A fast mobility and buff skill however it starts slow and picks up speed, you have to keep running.

you start with about -25% mobility and speed up to about +80% (not including your weapon) and at max cap your bullets gain 15% (or possibly more) more damage
BUT you can only move forward so you'd have to make strafing runs like a fighter jet.

takes a bit to get going.

makes a train noise as you move, you can only move forward, strafing will reset your speed, jumping will reset your speed, getting blocked will reset your speed.

Pros: Damage buff, insane ability to get away and create distance

Cons: Can't backstep, can't strafe to dodge projectiles, getting bodyblocked is a death sentence.

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