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FRG Server Unban Appeal #2

Steam Name (Current): GranabisV2

Steam Name (During incident): GranabisV2

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:506716451

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198973698631

Name of staff you were banned by: Unpoke

Length of the ban: Permanent

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: whatever works for the staff

Reason for ban: Toxicity, not listening to staff, hateful conduct, etc.

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?: Yes.

What really happened?: I would act toxic toward anyone who had a different opinion then me, and escalate the situation to far.

Additional details: I've been made aware that i am likely to not be trusted by a majority of the server, and you have no reason to. I treated every last one of you who reads this in a bad way, whether it have been right or wrong, and i really do regret it...I should have been nicer to you who just wanted to play, and acted my age for once. I'm sorry to everyone, including the Staff and the owner, there were countless times where you had to deal with feedback from the community because of me, so much that i heard there was actually a riot against me at one point lol. My point is, whether you un-ban me or not, i want you, who reads this, to know that i soulfully apologize. My attitude and persistent toxicity isn't something that should be forgiven so easily and i promise to be nice from here and out. No more toxic/victim gran. Thank you for reading.

funny timing that you really want to come back here now that moat is dead

You've never really been pleasant to a vast majority of people on the server, but I personally never had any major gripes with you. Yeah, you were an ass, and I genuinely think some of your actions were a bit out of line, but that's all I've heard. At this point, I highly doubt anyone will be willing to take you back for a while if ever.
Umpty Dumpty

no man

You've gotten plenty of warnings, you knew full well what you were doing, and it got to the point were we couldn't stand/handle you.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

no, i think someone who was so toxic they got banned from the discord then continued to be so toxic in game that we eventually were forced to ban, should not play anymore! rules are rules, if we aren't gonna enforce them, then why follow them at all hehe


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