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Just bored

This is going to sound whiny, but the more I think about playing FRG, the more stressed I get. Its no longer a server I feel I can just hop on and unwind, it feels like a rat race. With so many quests and challenges and dailies and pass progress to complete, I'm not feeling the same fun I do anymore.

This isn't like, a thing about the server, its totally about me, but that's just how it is. I find it genuinely stressful to play - I feel like I NEED to play optimally, I NEED to do things right and progress (my inventory, which is the only real progress of FRG) rather than just have fun. Again; me, not server, and not trying to knock any heads here.

One example is how Kraken can spawn, but it seems so pointless. I've never really done it enough or gotten a good gun for it - Using a trusted heroic galil I hit maybe 8-9k score without dying, so it feels like a waste. But not doing it feels like a waste - even if I think the boss is boring. By not going to the lobby when someone spawns 10 krakens in a row, I'm being inefficient, I'm not getting the XP or chances at drops that make me "progress". But it ain't fun!

I actually think its affecting my mental health somehow (I'm a very weak man) and while I actually DO want to play, I want to just play TTT - Which I could!! I totally could! But because of how my brain works I won't, because I feel like I need to grind the proper way.

Not sure when I'll be back (if? haha).
please play rust with me or something.
you're all free
if you do reply to this, only reply with dank memes!
Also, this mostly just applies to TTT. I still love the FRG community (even if that love may not be mutual), and if Brass released something cool outside of TTT (Voslom 2?), I'd be jumping on that.

I understand what you mean by feeling the need to play optimally and how it isnt as simple as not doing so.

Hopefully you begin feeling better and are able to come back fresh man take it easy.

Summed up my feelings pretty well. FRG is a bit of a chore now. You either play "correctly" with the meta items or lose time and patience trying to enjoy yourself. Hopefully Boss Rush will be a new start.
Umpty Dumpty

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