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lost stormforge mac10

I bought a nexus repeater of newton off of the market and went to equip it in place of my mac10 shortly after buying it and the slot where my mac10 would have been after un-equipping it was blank. The nexus was put into one of my storage crates when I bought it and when I equipped it the slot was empty rather than trading places with the mac10 I had equipped. I got the mac10 from fishing with an enraged eye. Lee caught the weapon for me so he is a witness to me owning it in the first place.

Try reloading your inventory, if that doesnt work then try checking any badges or other places it could be, and check the bank. If you dont find it after all that I'd recommend replying with the results.

Did all the things above and it still isnt there.

Just gotta wait for Brass to respond then probably, can't think of anything else other than the steps I stated.

Should be fixed now.

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