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Pre-release notes for 10/15/2020

The first part of the Halloween update will be live soon. This includes the new Crate - Bone Crate II, Jack-o-lantern 4's, and seasonal pass as well as the classic TTT zombie melee rounds.

  • Brought back "Pumpkin Rounds" on TTT.
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    These crates are available for rubies currently for 1 week, but you can also obtain them from Jack-o-lantern 4's. After 1 week they will be available for 350 coins each.
  • The pass is 20 tiers, and is harder to level upon resetting it. There's about 7 items with discoveries in the pass alone!
  • Trick or Treat buckets have returned, and are obtainable in the Seasonal Pass. If you already have one, you can delete the new one. The old one works with the new candy pieces that are inside bone crate II's.
  • Added a new Primary base weapon "AN94". This is a semi-auto, somewhat slow firing weapon, that shoots two bullets at a time. Its meant for close range as it's fairly inaccurate, it also has more limb damage than other weapons of the same type.
Part 1 contains quite the assortment of new items, and there's plenty of discoveries outside the crate you can go for if you can't donate to get a chance at the crate ones, so don't fret too much about it. All in all there's close to 20 new discoveries to be made with this update.

Part two will be coming later in the month and will contain something more interesting to put your pvm skills to the test.

awwwww yeahhhhhhhh

this isn't where i left my car

This sounds like an awesome update I’m sure you outdid yourself as per usual.

Man, that update is looking pretty... THICC

oh ya update coming up in 2022!

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