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cheny bedeney - membership application


Steam Name(Current): shmoney dance

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 1734 hours on TTT and 961 on lobby.

Where did you hear about this server?: honestly no clue anymore, probably just stumbled upon it one day.

Have you ever been banned and why?: yes, i was banned for toxicity, reasonably.

Why do you want to join?: I don't have a good reason, I just feel like having member again would make me feel a little less left out, though it probably wouldn't.

Referred by: nobody.

Additional Details: If I say something that could be taken as offensive or rude I most likely don't mean it, though if you do feel hurt over something I say I will do what I can to not say it around you, or just not say it as a whole, I've been trying to cut down on unnecessary comments that could potentially be rude to someone, and with that being said, thank you for reading.
chainy, chany, cheeny, cheesey, cheese, chebby, cheddy, kenny, chad, jeremy bentknee, bently, chendy bedendy, cheny deddy

+0 I've known cheny for a little over a year and I like him and think hes one of the funniest guys on the server. But its undeniable hes been really toxic in the past. I think he is getting better but I haven't been on too much to see if hes to the point where he can get member again. It's really hard to lose member so I don't know how people will feel about him getting it back. Depending on if others have seen him change and that I don't see many -1s because of toxicity I'll change my opinion most likely.

+0.1667 i haven't noticed cheny being toxic from the time hes come back, it hasn't been long but i believe he can change

After your not so great history with FRG I'm not even sure why you would want member again. I like you, but I think you've proven you wouldn't represent the server well.

You forgot to add for the ban reason "Purposely rdming new players"

But yea, you have stained your reputation badly. And playing with you it seems nothing has changed. Could be wrong, but I really don't want you representing the server if I'm completely honest. I would need to see excessive changes to change my mind.

+0 I've seen him around a bit and he can be toxic but again so can the majority of the player base, I personally think he's overstepped the bounds a couple of times so I'll keep it as a +0 and will see what others have to say/noticed and I'll see if that changes my opinion

Honestly, when I first started he was the ONLY cool dude to give me cool items. If I have member, he sure as hell should have it too.

+0 not sure about this one man, gl next time

I actually really like cheny as a person but I do not think, at this time, he should be member until he is around a little longer and I am certain he is "reformed". +0

Have had absolutely 0 issues with Cheny since he's stopped his toxicity. For the past handful of months he has been nothing but friendly and helpful to those around him, I'd vouch for him that hes changed. +1

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