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Depressed - Membership Application

Age: 20

Steam Name(Current): Depressed

Time played on servers?: 247 Hours (TTT), 111 Hours (Lobby).

Where did you hear about this server?: Joined from scrolling through server listings, don't think I have played on another TTT server since.

Have you ever been banned and why?: No.

Why do you want to join?: The crafting system is really fun to play around with, most of the regulars are fun to play TTT with and the community in general is better than any other TTT server I have played on.

Referred by: None.

Additional Details: I played a lot during the last Christmas event but had to move to a place that is unable to get Wi-Fi in January of this year, and I have recently figured out/been able to afford a way to get stable cell signal to where I am living. All of that to say if everything stays as it is now I plan on playing regularly.

+1 he is a constant player on the server and he's always a nice guy to be around

+1 never had a problem and enjoyable to play with

+1 Haven't had a problem with him, seen him around a little bit, has been a part of the server for a decent bit.

+1 no problems with this guy, cool player

+1 seems alright chill

+1, doesn't cause any issues on ttt

+1, nice dude and fun to play ttt/events with

+1, no issues on ttt

+1 never seen this guy be toxic or anything else that would make me -1

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