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Deoxnim - Membership Application

Age: 21

Steam Name(Current): Deoxnim

Time played on servers?(!time username to check):
Your play time for FRG IoD is 2 Hours 19 Minutes 11 Seconds
Your play time for FRG Asylum is 3 Hours 7 Minutes 27 Seconds
Your play time for Trouble in Terrorist Town is 297 Hours 17 Minutes 3 Seconds
Your play time for FRG Event is 6 Hours 46 Minutes 11 Seconds
Your play time for FRG Survive is 6 Hours 31 Minutes 5 Seconds
Your play time for FRG Lobby is 75 Hours 6 Minutes 8 Seconds
Your play time for FRG Boss Rush is 2 Hours 42 Minutes 55 Seconds

Where did you hear about this server?: i saw this cool guy in my friendslist called mousey play on this server.

Have you ever been banned and why?: no

Why do you want to join?: i like this server and i'm gonna be playing for a while, might aswell join.

Referred by: mousey

Additional Details: i love kfc

I may hate Homestuck but I do NOT hate this guy

Good mans

ive played a decent amount with him and never really had any issues with him +1

+1 Deox is a pretty fun person to play TTT/Events with and has always been chill in my experiences with them.

+1 plays a lot and doesn't cause problems

+1 basically the same thing wookie had said, non-confrontational and plays often

+1 See him around a lot, never seen anything bad about him

+1 See him on a lot, seems chill.

+1 Even though Popeyes is better Big Grin

He's a bit sweaty, but overall is chill and is consistently online. +1

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