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Crafting Changes and other newbie QoL- 12/30/2020

  • Added "Dismantle Whitelist" this allows items that match the keywords you input to ALWAYS be dismantled no matter what your other settings are (unless auto dismantle is disabled entirely, or if you have auto dismantle catalysts disabled, this wont apply to catas).
  • Added option for "Auto Dismantle Accessories" for each craft tier (can not apply to godlikes), doesn't dismantle untradeable ones. (Provided you have the global perk unlocked)
  • Crafting Tiers 1-4 are now 'soft unlocked' for all players, auto dismantle for these tiers is now a freely accessible setting that you don't have to unlock. You can get all mats/catalysts from these without unlocking the tier as well, however, not having the tier 'full potential' ('Next Tier' perk for the tier below) unlocked grants you lower mats/proc rates from those tiers.
  • All players now receive an untradeable 50 slot Large Backpack upon first join to help manage all the loot (You can obtain yours by rejoining).

The goal of these changes is to make the loot you obtain easier to manage, especially for newer players, so be sure to help inform newbies they can enable auto-dismantle in !settings. (It tells them in chat as well until they open the settings menu)

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