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Probably cobaltgeo's last ban appeal

Steam Name (Current):Cobaltgeo ☭⚧Ⓐ

Steam Name (During incident):Cobaltgeo

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:56558580

Steam Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073382889

Name of staff you were banned by:It was Unpoke I looked it up

Length of the ban: Permanent.

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: Listen I could wait a two whole more years but an unban would be nice

Reason for ban:Toxicity, Flaming, Racism, A more recent addition would be using an alt to ban evade, My Sr.Paps Incident (for those who know you know), Trolling, It doesn't really crossover to this server but it does have impact, I threatened to gut a british person over the internet, Threatening to DDOS Brassx, Threatening to fist fight Brassx, Blowing up the shoutbox with alts with my main, Forum Ban on my main, Discord Ban on my main, Shoutbox ban on my main for baiting/flaming, Posted pokemon porn in the shoutbox once,Called Terran a nazi Infact I called a lot of people in the shoutbox bad things on an alt account on the forums shoutbox,Made a bind saying "Hail Satan" to harass a christian member of the community,Harassed that same christian member of the community about his faith multiple times in game and on forums,Shitposting too excessively (For those who don't know I received a personal warning from unpoke for this felt it was important to include this)

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?: Yes I did every. single. thing. in the above this does not make my case any better I understand that.

What really happened?: Okay lets run down the list *Toxicity* Yes I was very toxic in the past *Flaming* I constantly harassed and insulted members of the community *Racism* I was very racist in the past this culminated in me sending Jerome a member of the community pictures of lynched black people from the 1900's or 1800's or something and I also called him the N Word this resulted in my final ban *Sr.Paps* I uhh ... here's a thread on that https://forerunnergaming.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=4555&page=1&highlight=SrPaps yeah (I don't have the creativity to do this anymore and my trolling days are behind don't worry) *Trolling* I did this.. alot dig through my forum posts on cobaltgeo on the forums you'll find it *Threatening to gut a british person* This was more recent This was a horrible thing for me to do and the most extreme thing I've said to date I'm deeply sorry for these horrendous things i've said *Threatening to DDOS Brassx* this is probably the thing that'll gurantee me never to come back it was a foolish thing to say and I'm lucky brassx never took legal action *Threatening to fist fight Brassx* again lucky Brassx didn't follow through with legal action *Blowing up shoutbox with alts* By blowing up I mean trolling baiting flaming I also did the last 2 actions while doing this *Posting Pokemon Porn in the shoutbox* I posted pokemon porn in the shoutbox it was a rule34 link yikes *Harassing a christian member of the community* I was one of those toxic shove it in your face fuck you swallow my atheism type of atheists years ago it was a bad phase *Shitposting on the forums* Unpoke warned me for this I considered this significant enough to include

Additional details: I could go on and on about how I've changed and I know none of you will believe me so instead of me making the same old same old on how I've changed and blah blah blah and the same shit said in different ways Instead I will be posting a series of events that have occured in the past and possible events that could've occured in the past and how I dealt with them in the past or may have dealt with them in the past and how I would deal with them now

In the past I was harassed for being trans I shoved it down everyone's throats and wouldn't shut the fuck up about it My Reactions.

-Past- I blew up and caled Jerome the N-Word and then proceeded to send him pictures of lynchings of black people.

-Present- I would suck it the fuck up I'm tired of dealing with this I don't shove it in people's faces anymore if someone has a problem with me being trans this is not my problem and their opinion affects me in no way.

I get the "want" to troll and feel like spinning a little chaos today for no fucking reason

-Past- I cause chaos on the forums and make people hate me more, this damages my reputation hugely

-Present- I don't have the creativity for this shit anymore, I'm drained out and do not have a desire to "troll" or whatever it would classify as anymore.

Players refuse to invite me to events

-Past- I cry myself to sleep and quit the game over silly stuff

-Present- I'll find a party eventually it doesn't matter.

A Player is dealing with suicidal thoughts

-Past- I would've typed some really bad shit and I don't even know what it would've been but it probably would've got me banned in the past if this event occured in the past which it didn't for those confused

-Present- I've dealt with that shit not going into depth its a ban appeal not my fucking sob story Its weathered me and shaped me into who I am now I would be understanding and try to help the Player who is dealing with the suicidal thoughts mostly by listening I'm not a good advice giver

I'm having a really bad day

-Past- I would've lashed out angrily at players for no reason

-Present- I would probably be off of the server for the time being watching tv smoking my nicotine calming my nerves

A player has a political viewpoint I do not agree with

-Past- Would've harrased them about it

-Present- I don't give a fuck its your life I don't care.

A Player is in a religion

-Past- I was a bible thumping? whats the opposite word for that idk haha lol anyways a "Bible Thumping" style atheist who would constantly attack people under a religion any religion like it was killing me or something idk|

-Present- I don't give a fuck your religion affects me in no ways these are your personal beliefs its your life I don't care

Okay onto the next part of my additional details

I'm sorry for everyone who ever got affected by me I was just a dumb stupid fucking teenager with no life I now own a home getting a job soon and getting a life getting my life on the road and honestly I miss this server I'm honestly considering quitting gmod until I get unbanned on here cause no other server can compete this place feels like home nothing else can beat what I've found here nothing else can beat the content this server provides nothing else can beat the thriving community who hates me deeply but I still like them Smile and I hope yall can find it in your hearts to forgive the unforgivable let the wrongdoings stay dead and hopefully if I get unbanned maybe we can all become friends again play some TTT and slay some uhh I don't know the lore of frg? Ethereal beings? Monstrosities? hahaha I actually don't know what faction are these bosses under the point is if I get unbanned please treat me kindly This will probably be my last ban appeal I'm slowly starting to understand that I probably will never get unbanned sorry btw if I made this too soon after like my last ban appeal but I don't even know if that would matter if my Ban is permanently Permanent I've just quit gmod altogether honestly I can't find any enjoyment in it anymore unless its frg and well I'm probably not getting unbanned from here, thanks for taking the time to read what is most likely my last ban appeal. I understand the stress I've caused the staff team I understand the damage I've dealt if needed I can never talk in game well just typing if needed I can be on permanent warning status just give me one more of the many second chances I've been given and let it be the last, I won't disappoint yall.


Nothing has changed in the close to 2 weeks since your last ban appeal.

Your ban is permanent to begin with, but the alt evading should be enough to give you the idea of ceasing this vain attempt to get unbanned.

I'm sorry this is happening to you and you think there is a way out of it, but you'll never be unbanned.

bro please stop making these

Dude, you should just move on life. There is more out there then FRG. open a new chapter in your life and explore that.

Letting you know, with absolutely no need to withhold this information, we specifically do NOT want you to be apart of this community. Saying you've changed or even actually changing will not be put into consideration at any point, and how you feel about that will ALSO not be put into account. Stop posting these. You will not be unbanned, not today, next year, or however much longer.

- That Thrakos Noob

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