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Multiple map suggestions

Hello! I love having a wide variety of unique and fun maps. It would be awesome to see any of the following maps implemented on FRG!

[1] ttt_Avalon
Download here
Pictures here
+ Unique fantasy setting gives variety from traditional map styles
+ Simple to understand and navigate
- You can't hide bodies by throwing them off the map, as they'll spawn on top of the cliff if you do

[2] ttt_Icarus (EDIT: Was previously in server, taken due to issues)
Download here
Pictures here
+ Another cool fantasy setting; this time it's underwater
+ Large enough to support a populated server and small enough for slow periods
+ Pretty aesthetics
- Features a piano song which plays in a couple places on the map

[3] Suburbia (EDIT: Just kidding, it's already in!)
Download here
Pictures here
+ Large, but easy to locate people
+ Has a badass skate park
+ Has a badass playground
- Not overly creative
- Fairly common map

We have suburbia XD its just that no one ever picks it. Also a map that plays a piano why cant we have that every map.

And most people who dont like sounds that play in maps have a stop sound bind for them. So i like these map they look fun +1
FUN ^ 10 x int ^ 40 = ir2

The first two look really interesting, I'd love to try them out

We already have Suburbia in this server

Oops, didn't realize we already had Suburbia haha. At least my choices are up to the server standards!

+1 to avalon, I really like the looks of it and am very interested in playing it
Im a weeb since I play Osu! aparrently, Enchantable's fault


We've had icarus, but it was removed due to issues.

Here is hoping for at least Avalon then, hah.

I have tested avalon before and it was pretty small and didn't really have much going on. I decided against it. It's very similar to island 17 just worse.

avalon seems like a place for a c4 fuckfest, still cool tho +1

Avalon had some frame issues. The other 2 are already on the server. =P

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