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(04-09-2017, 03:42 AM)Unpoke Wrote:  
(04-09-2017, 01:59 AM)tobiasxz Wrote:  
(04-09-2017, 01:48 AM)TJ1524 Wrote:  But we like both of those maps, is there any reason why we shouldn't have more maps like the ones we like?

speak for yourself.

not everyone is a fan of teenroom and dolls. I know I'm not.

but to play a map a majority has to vote for it
so by sayin no to adding it to the vote bc u dont like it is kinda like u speaking for every1

js tho

I'm not though. I gave my opinion, which is the entire point of this forum section, to give your opinion if a map should be added or not, and personally I don't think this map should be added in.

looks pretty cool, would be nice to have some diversity to our map selection+1

+1 Looks pretty cool. I'm down

I've played this map a time or two. The map itself is fucking HUGE. So expect kinda long rounds on that map. But it's well designed, and can be very mazey. I say -1, myself, but I have very little to say, for being new to the server.

Support adding this to TTT 2

HUGE map. Reminds me of the map with the fridge that shoots lemons. Declined.

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