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First Order of Business

Brass has decided to let Black Parade and myself handle maps. The first thing I want to do is try to get some maps remove. These are all maps that I personally think are pretty garbage. I understand that my opinion of maps may be different than the rest of the community's so I am going to do a poll. I will list 17 maps with each map name and 1 screenshot of the map. I will also give a short description of why I dislike the map. Please vote in the strawpoll for each map. Thanks in advance.

dm_mines (This map is very small with lots of explosive barrels everywhere.)

ttt_bluesky (This map is pretty large and a bit hard to navigate. It leads to some delay.)

ttt_cloverfield (I just plain don't like this map. It feels like a mess. Let's see if I'm alone on that.)

ttt_cluedo (This map is tiny with not much to it. Pretty :residentsleeper: imo.)

ttt_dessert_barracks (One of the worst maps on the server imo. It is tiny and has a jail cell that you can't get out of.)

ttt_enclave (Awful map. Has an underground area that is hard to navigate and a small section that you can't get out of.)

ttt_giant_daycare (Small map. Not much to it. :residentsleeper:.)

ttt_gunkanjima (This map has a green tint to it like the green poop that it is.)

ttt_icarus (Large map that is hard to navigate. Leads to delay.)

ttt_krusty_krab (Spongebob is great. This map is not.)

ttt_lazertag (I know we don't leave our houses much but I can promise you that this isn't the laser tag experience you're looking for.)

ttt_luxework (Lame map.)

ttt_ntg_ravenholm (Tiny map. It feels impossible to T on.)

ttt_slender_descent (Has a T button that floods over half of the map. Leads to a lot of RDMed T buds.)

ttt_slender_v2 (This map is a collection of hallways. Yup, that's about it.)

ttt_suburb_beta15a (This map is huge but has only one house you can actually enter. It is just open space for the most part. One of the worst.)

ttt_urban_ruins (One of my least favorite maps. I hope I'm not alone.)

BTW if you are worried about removing 17 maps because you feel it is a lot then let me reassure you. There are 139 total maps in the map pool. 17 would not even take a chunk out of that so fret not.

i suggest removing ttt_jolly. it has pretty bad frames often and is just a hotel with like 5 stories copied and pasted to each side

if i think of other maps ill edit this message but thats off the top of my head

Can you add Space Station instead?

I'll view the results and begin removing maps on Thursday 4/25. Be sure to get in your votes before then.

There are a fair few maps we have that cause pretty big frame drops one i can think of off the top of my head is heaven.

Much like Alex ill update this comment when I find more

(04-21-2019, 11:25 PM)Black Knight Wrote:  There are a fair few maps we have that cause pretty big frame drops one i can think of off the top of my head is heaven.

Much like Alex ill update this comment when I find more

heaven got removed forever ago pretty sure

Concentration Camp is one I personally don't like, lags a lot when you look in the middle of the map. Anyone else feel the same?

Remove Heaven, Concentration, Jolly. Keep desert barracks. One of my fav maps imo, love baiting people into the jail cell by throwing a cool gun in side of it

Also yes there are 139 maps in the pool but 17 - Minecraft maps also doesnt help. I only see minecraft maps on TTT2 bring back Minecraft maps to TTT1 when
Bouncy Rounds

Remove Peach castle,Flatgrass and Construct
Remove Krusty krabs

We must also ask the question if some maps people don't like can be improved without changing level design (only changing ammo spawns and stuff like that). Pretty much all of the ones listed for strawpoll are fine, but some of the suggested ones may be like this

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