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Voting Open Until 05/07

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment maps and help make FRG better. The final vote is up. Use this link to vote. https://forerunnergaming.org/forums/maps.php

I will keep the votes open until Tuesday 05/07.

digdown is legit the map to get your t buddies killed for association

Add some more maps from my collections now :>

wheres lumbridge

edit: sorry didnt see it

edit edit: the problem listed for it isnt the only reason, it also makes a loud annoying creaking sound anytime the door is used that can be heard from quite a distance.

Add ttt_ouhhh

Remove Peaches Caslte!

also remove CONSTRUCT

Albatross- As long as elevators kill you, it's impossible to get back up from the bottom part of the map.

The map itself is generally ugly, but the gameplay is "fine"

Concentration- An absolute mess of a map. I'm shocked we kept it this long.

Ugly design. Nazi Iconography everywhere that I don't think the server should be associated with, and horrid framerate dips, especially near the main area of the map where most of the round is played.

Logical Office- Kind've bad

If someone is inside, and someone is outside it takes forever for them to fight eachother, if they ever decide to fight eachother. Especially on such a "Small" map, it causes a lot of unintentional or even intentional delays as it becomes a stand off between the T, and the Inno both camping a small corridor watching a door.

Peach's Castle- Terrible.

Physically painful to look at, and spots on the map where you can get stuck just by walking too close to them. Kind've confusing layout with a few one way sections meaning once taken the T would have to walk all the way back around to get to anywhere important

Stargate- Getting stuck in a room for 10 minutes then slain for "Delaying". Or rushing the portal only to have a firing squad waiting on the other side.

(04-27-2019, 01:19 AM)De_Vour Wrote:  Add ttt_ouhhh

Post a thread for it nub

remove frg_the_deals_town or w/e the name is. map is insanely vertical and easy to die to fall damage

Vanished from life

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