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2 Perfect Maps needing re-added

First of, Vagiland
I love this map so much. copy that

Next is the coolest map imo. it has drivable jeeps, and it was always a joy to run people down as a traitor. It's a bit big, but is a perfect sniper map to replace construct seeing as it is getting the boot.
Umpty Dumpty

2nd one looks fun but i see ALOT of rdm potential with the cars

vagiland had some serious lag issues and was just way too big from what I remember. Kheyre had a version that he changed up and fixed some issues, but I think it'd need more reworking. I think.

2 maps that I added and LOVED. As Terran said, Vagiland had serious fps issues and it was a little too large. I asked Kheyre to edit it but he was having issues getting it to work correctly. I also asked Parade to edit it but he said he is done working on maps he doesn't care to work on so that's not an option anymore either. Sandraiders wasn't removed for being too large. It was removed because being in the back of the cars made you invincible. You couldn't be shot and during orbital rounds whoever was in the back of a car could stay there and live the entire time.

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