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Grimm Wits Member Application

Age: 16

Steam Name(Current): Grimm Wits

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 255 Hours, 5 Minutes, 33 Seconds.

Where did you hear about this server?: I found it myself when looking for a new server to try in August 2019. I don't regret finding FRG, I'm actually quite glad I did.

Have you ever been banned and why?: I have not been banned from the server.

Why do you want to join?: Out of all the TTT servers I have played on, I have got to say this is the most detailed and well-planned one by far. It's extremely fun to play TTT on this server itself, as well as partake in other fun events like IoD, Survive, Asylum, Grim's, as well as the boss fights that you can do as well. I also enjoy the crafting system, its a pleasant experience that players are able to make their own guns in any manner they please. I also like the community as well, there are some good people that I am glad I have met and been acquainted with, and would like to be more incorporated into the community as well. Boss Rush and the over event rounds like Dragon round were actually pretty fun too. The server overall is amazing, and I would be honored to more integrated within the community.

Referred by: None.

Additional Details: This server is the best one I have seen and played on, and I hope to become a part of the community!

+1 plays frequently and is fine to play with

+1, I never saw him cause trouble when I was here(stuff like toxicity etc.)

+1 Gets bullied a lot but is overall a cool person

hes fine, just a little cringe.
no reason not to hand him member

yea pretty cool guy +1

Have never had a single issue with Grimm apart from some poo brain logic on TTT lol +1

kind of a kool kid +1

+1 plays everyday and knows what and what not to do in the server

+1 pretty decent guy who follows the rules so why not.

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